1. Town Beach Skatepark, Port Macquarie - The Top Pick

Photo credit: Convic Skateparks

Talk about gnarly! You can’t miss Port Macquarie’s skatepark if you have brought your gear on a trip through the mid-north coast. With an epic location along Port’s foreshore hub and within Town Beach Reserve is my vote on the best skatepark along the coast!

Here you’ll find a sick bowl and a plaza style street area with a halfpipe, fun boxes, ledge and quarter pipe. And whether you are an am or a pro; there’s room for boards, pushies, rollerblades and scooters!

 2. Koby Mitchell Memorial Skatepark, Coffs Harbour - The Close Second

Photo credit: Seniors News

This one is a close second and a must-skate! 

Let’s start with the name, in recognition of the late Koby Mitchell, the concrete park has been named after the incredible skater whose passion for skateboarding is renowned within the Coffs community. 

You’ll find the works here - we are talking fun boxes, sick bowls, mini half pipe and two quarter pipes - one that’s been constructed and named after Koby. The park has tonnes of space and is equipped with everything for board riders of all skill levels.

 3. Bonny Hills Skatepark - Popular With The Locals

Find the park beside the Bonnie Hills Community Hall Reserve. The concrete wonderland is always busy with a lot going on! There’s high banks, quarter pipes, plenty of room on the step banks surface, half pipes and a sick bowl with rough concrete coping with a large fun box. It’s a plenty big space for ams and pros!

 4. South West Rocks Skatepark - A Well-Known Local

The South West Rocks Skatepark is a well-known local park situated right next to the Country Club. This space provides beginners and experts with some wicked obstacles like manual pads, flat rail, quarter pipes, banks, wave/fun box and the popular kidney bowl. And the best part is, the bowl's deep end is about 6 foot which is ideal for groms to learn on.

 5. Macksville Skatepark - A Big Fun-Filled Space

Keep travelling further north of South West Rocks and you will find the small town of Macksville, home to a well-known skatepark which is one of a kind. The park includes a long halfpipe with a wallride on one side, pole jam to up rail, banks, bank to ledge with a gap in the middle, a ledge/manual pad with a wall ride and best of all, a four stair with a down rail, hubber on the left side and out ledge on the right. Trust me, this park is definitely a must-hit with a few mates!

 6. Lake Cathie Skatepark - All New!

Photo credit: Convic Skateparks 

With the construction of the new Lake Cathie Skatepark only just completed in March 2021, this space is a big talking point along the Mid-North Coast at the moment. Another insane Convic built skatepark is well-placed along the Lake Cathie Foreshore Reserve alongside a playground, picnic areas with covers and a footpath leading right around the foreshore - it really is a space for everyone of all ages. 

Here, you’ll find all the skate necessities - a bowl, steps, rails, boxes and a pump track, all well-placed with enough room for experts, groms and anyone in between!